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Read This!

My only job is to make sure everything in print says, “Read this!”

I provide content services - and assist businesses, entrepreneurs,
professionals, and nonprofits with written communication projects.

Content is king - and I work closely with clients to create and/or
enhance content for brochures, emails, newsletters, phone scripts,
press releases, sales letters, websites, and other written material.

When you need assistance [for yourself, a client, or a colleague],
let's discuss collaborating to produce outstanding content on time,
on budget

Lorne Evje [EV-yuh] 415.794.4361 or


One More Thing

Surveys cite writing and other communication skills as key factors
contributing to success of managers and staff. Yet... many executives
will tell you their employees are poor writers.

Is this a problem for you or someone with whom you work? If so, I can
help. Let's talk.

Lorne Evje [EV-yuh] 415.794.4361 or











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